Lemtrans is a leading private operator of railway rolling stock in Ukraine. The company’s business areas cover shipments with its own rolling stock, provision of freight forwarding services, information support for the movement of goods, as well as repair works of rolling stock.

Nowadays, Lemtrans manages over 15 thousand gondola cars, which annually transport more than 52 million tons of cargo of various nomenclature.

We constantly invest in our development, thus creating conditions for the stability of our clients. The company’s investments have amounted to some $500 million.

Our mission is to ensure the reliability and stability of economic connections, setting high quality standards for rail transportation

Lemtrans is one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine. In 2021, we contributed over UAH 838 million to the national budgets of all levels.

Lemtrans is 100% owned by SCM.

The company is the first national freight forwarder, whose activity is confirmed by the certificate of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine. Lemtrans is a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), a current member of the Association of International Forwarders of Ukraine, and a licensed freight carrier that uses its own (rented) rolling stock.

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Reports and Results

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Our values

“Lemtrans promotes not only the advancement of the businesses of our clients and partners but also the advancement of Ukrainian economy as a whole. Therefore, the main goal of Lemtrans is developing the rail shipping industry and strengthening its leading positions.

Since 1999, Lemtrans has been continuously developing by improving technological processes and expanding cooperation with its partners. We perform numerous business transactions every day and promptly respond to market demands. Lemtrans constantly ensures the reliability and stability of economic relations, meeting the high quality standard of rail shipping. 

Following our ambition to be the best operator on the market, we consistently adhere to the company’s values and mission, which are an integral part of our continuous growth and our fundamental competitive advantage,” Lemtrans CEO Volodymyr Mezentsev.

Despite a challenging environment in Ukraine and unstable macroeconomic conditions, our values have remained unchanged since the time the company was incorporated:

Reputational responsibility
Reputational responsibility

Lemtrans has been unswervingly complying with its obligations and acting in accordance with its values.

Sustainable development
Sustainable development

The long-term sustainable development of Lemtrans is manifested in high standards of social responsibility, care for employees and respect for the environment.


We hold a leading position in the development of innovative supply chain solutions that promote our clients’ leadership and advancement.

Honesty and transparency
Honesty and transparency

These values are the key to establishing productive cooperation and further development of our company. We do what we say and say what we do.


Lemtrans is committed to strengthening its leading position in the Ukrainian rail shipping industry. We help our clients achieve higher output.


The reliability of Lemtrans services is based on professionalism and modern management standards.


Lemtrans strategic development is focused primarily on transparency, responsibility and reliability. 

In the environment of a constantly growing demand for quality services, we are building a business based on trust and maximum satisfaction of our clients' needs. 

The following are strategic goals of Lemtrans:
- strengthening the leading position of the company in the market; 
- an increase in market share and freight traffic;
- improving the efficiency of the wagon fleet;
- renewal and modernization of the rolling stock;
- improving the service and quality of provided services.

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Corporate Governance

The Lemtrans’s corporate governance system is built based on the best international practices and completely conforms to the requirements of the laws of Ukraine. Efficient corporate governance is one of the crucial factors in boosting the competitiveness of the company. Consistency, openness and transparency of management processes are the main principles of corporate governance that ensure sustainable development of Lemtrans. 
The governance bodies of the company are: 
- Annual General Meeting
- Supervisory Board 

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Partners and customers

We develop sophisticated shipping and logistics solutions for every client. Therefore, for many years Lemtrans has been collaborating with the largest shipping enterprises of Ukraine.
The company's clients are the largest Ukrainian industrial enterprises:

Steel factory

Development of innovative supply chain solutions promotes the stable business growth of Lemtrans clients.
In order to ensure effective interaction of senders and receivers of cargos with carriers, we established the Office of rolling stock operation with its own dispatch center. The Office has experts in the shipping organization and usage of locomotives and wagons.
For many years, Lemtrans has been actively cooperating with the State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine, Ukrzaliznytsia, and such railways as Donetsk, Dnipro, Lviv, South-Western, Southern, and Odessa.

Lemtrans: responsible employer,
reliable partner and honest market player.



Code of Ethics

Lemtrans is a public company that adheres to high standards of business ethics. We responsibly view our leadership in the market among private operators and the influence that we have on the industry as a whole.
The company does business in a transparent fashion and consistently fulfills its obligations.
Current events unfolding in the business world are significant and complex as never before, which increases the importance of doing business within the framework of law and ethical norms, as well as of compliance with the principles of social responsibility.

“The Code of Ethics is a set of key norms and principles for all employees. Its adoption is an important step for the further development of Lemtrans. Any business sets clear goals. However, it is important not only to achieve these goals but also to be aware of how we are achieving them.
The Code is a tool that every employee must apply daily in order to make right decisions,” Lemtrans CEO Volodymyr Mezentsev.

An essential aspect of transparency and responsibility of Lemtrans is the existence of an effective mechanism for preventing violations of the law and non-compliance with the norms and standards of the Code of Ethics.
In the event of incidents that may be regarded as a violation of the provisions of this Code, the company, in accordance with established rules and procedures, conducts an internal investigation. Each employee is obliged to provide maximum assistance in conducting such investigations.
Furthermore, being a part of SCM, Lemtrans fully shares its corporate values and principles of business ethics. SCM has created a Trust Line as a direct feedback channel, allowing any employee to report inappropriate behavior or cases of non-compliance with ethics principles.
Lemtrans does not allow punishment of a person reporting a violation of the Code of Ethics. Every employee who, in their opinion, has been subjected to persecution, has to report this to their immediate supervisor and to the Trust Line, as well as contact the Legal Department of the company.

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Anti-Corruption Policy

Lemtrans strictly complies with the Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy, which are the key documents defining the norms of ethical and responsible behavior of employees. We believe that transparency improves business efficiency and benefits everyone, be it partners, employees or the public.
Corruption and double standards are unacceptable.

Relevant policies are available on the corporate website of the company, and employees are obliged to follow them, bearing personal responsibility for adhering to the rules of conduct.  

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