Our approach

Lemtrans is a responsible employer, reliable partner and honest market player. The company seeks to meet international business standards.  As Ukraine’s largest private railway operator, we adhere to the principles of sustainable development and corporate social liability.

Operating throughout Ukraine, Lemtrans contributes to the development of local communities, the well-being of their members, and the improvement of the standard of living of its employees.

Lemtrans is part of the SCM Group and fully shares its corporate values and operating principles. The SCM Group has developed a Sustainable Development Policy, which defines common principles and approaches in this area:

Our guidelines for interacting with partners, investors and the society are as follows:
1.    Operation solely within the bounds of the law.
2.    Transparency, integrity and consistency of decisions.
3.    Compliance with business ethics.
4.    Responsible leadership.
5.    Sustainable development and social responsibility.

Our activity

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Life and health of the employees is the priority for Lemtrans.
We believe that all work injuries can be prevented. We make every effort to ensure that there are no injuries at our companyIn our daily activities, we comply with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine in the field of occupational and industrial safety, as well as invest in improving occupational safety of our employees.


The basis of the dynamic growth of Lemtrans is highly qualified personnel.
We strive to create all conditions so that each of our employees can maximize their potential. Lemtrans invests heavily in staff development and training programs, contributing to continued professional and personal growth of each member of our team.
The basic principles of our company's personnel management are:
•    Respect and secure of the rights of the employees.
•    Compliance with the current labor legislation of Ukraine.
•    Secure of decent working conditions, competitive remuneration and social protection of the employees.
•    Development of the intellectual potential of the employees.

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In our daily activities, we pay considerable attention to the environmental protection. We comply with all national environmental legislation.
We struggle to reducing energy consumption in all areas of our business.
We promote ecological culture in society by encouraging our employees to participate in environmental initiatives.  


We consider it important to improve the quality of life in the areas of our presence: to help create modern hospitals and schools, to support the development of culture and sports, to improve the cities. We combine our efforts with local residents, communities and local authorities.
We also carry out charitable activities: we provide assistance to those who need it: socially unprotected population, children's specialized institutions, medical specialized institutions, public organizations and charitable foundations.


Lemtrans is continuously working to build sustainable and long-term relationships with key interested parties. The key interested parties for us are:
•    our employees
•    shareholder and investors
•    business partners
•    representatives of central and regional authorities, local authorities
•    public organizations.
We strive for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation and we believe that business relations based on openness, respect, honesty and fairness, directly contribute to the sustainable development of the company.
We conscientiously fulfill our commitments to the partners and customers, show maximum attention to protecting their interests, striving to continuously improve the quality of our services and to make the most of our opportunities.
The company is a member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA). The organization unites forwarders from different countries together and represents their interests in the global freight forwarding market.

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One of the key values of Lemtrans is customer orientation. We are confident that the success of our business is in creating value for customers.
We set high standards for quality of rail carriage services, helping our partners achieve the results they need. Providing and maintaining high quality services, we build business relationships with our clients and partners on the basis of honesty, transparency and openness, unconditionally respecting our obligations.
To ensure the high quality of services, the company has created a special division of service managers, whose task is to comprehensively coordinate cargo traffic, loading and unloading. Such a mechanism of work guarantees the provision of the client with rolling stock in the required volume and allows to predict the costs of railway logistics in the long term.


We are confident that relationships based on honesty and decency add value to the company and contribute to its sustainable development.
The key document establishing the norms and rules of corporate behavior and communication of the company's employees, as well as our relationships with the partners, customers and other interested parties, is the Code of Corporate Ethics of Lemtrans. This document is intended to define our key corporate values, to form and maintain high ethical and professional standards being the basis of our corporate culture.
Key principles of corporate ethics of Lemtrans: 
1.    We build relationships within the company on the basis of mutual respect, trust and fulfillment of mutual obligations.
2.    We undertake to ensure the observance and respect of the rights, honor and dignity of a person and citizen, support fair employment conditions and safety in the workplace.
3.    We build long-term partnerships with regional government bodies and local governments, public organizations and foundations, we care about environmental protection, we pay taxes and wages in timely manner.
4.    We provide and maintain high quality of the services, we build business relationships with the partners and customers on the basis of honesty, transparency and openness, unconditionally respecting our obligations.
5.    We comply with all the norms of the Ukrainian and international legislation, industry standards and procedures, other documents regulating to the activities of the company.
6.    We maintain high business standards aimed at preventing corruption and adhering to anti-corruption legislation. 


We are sure that the readiness of our employees to devote time and their knowledge to socially significant initiatives contributes to strengthening the corporate spirit, forming common corporate values, and also this is our contribution to solving important social problems of the society.
Our employees are actively involved in initiatives to address environmental and social issues.