Openness, reliability and compliance with international standards have been the main principles of Lemtrans during 20 years of its operation. We are convinced that procurement transparency is the main quality for an honest, civilized business. We hold transparent tenders and we can always openly justify our choice of suppliers.

The company is ready to collaborate with suppliers that meet the following criteria: 
- impeccable business reputation and financial stability;
- compliance with high standards of business ethics and readiness to affirm mutual guarantees of joint counteraction to fraud, bribery and corporate corruption in the contract by including the section “Anti-Corruption Precautions”;
- optimal price level and acceptable payment terms, the willingness in some cases to accept payment delays of one week after the date of delivery of goods;
- compliance with the optimal delivery terms;
- favorable terms of warranty and service.

Our choice of companies providing goods, materials and services is determined by the following criteria:
- stable regularity of consumption, insignificant fluctuations in expenses and high accuracy of operational forecast;
- ideal price to quality ratio;
- positive history of use/operation, recommendations from satisfied internal and external clients.

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Anti-corruption efforts

Lemtrans strictly adheres to the Anti-Corruption Policy affirming its commitment to high standards of corporate governance, as well as the principles of transparent and honest business. We strive for continuous improvement and promotion of corporate ethics in all aspects of our business.
See the company's Anti-Corruption Policy here (link)
If you have information or reservations about the impartiality of the company's employees in determining a tender winner, we implore you to promptly send the information to the email address for an internal investigation. In this case, submit the appeal on company’s letterhead providing details and contact information, signed by the director or another authorized person.
Note! Anonymous messages will not be considered.

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