In 2021, the total volume of railway transportation of Lemtrans amounted to 41.58 million tonnes of cargoes of various types. The major part of the transported cargoes in 2021 was coal and iron ore raw material, same as before. In particular, the volume of iron ore raw material transportation reached 9.79 million tonnes, and coal — 18.68 million tonnes. The load of ferrous metals is 3.23 million tonnes, coke — 1.02 million tonnes, fluxes — 2.44 million tonnes. The company has significantly increased transportation of construction cargoes from 0.3 million tonnes in 2020 to 5.12 million tonnes in 2021. The transportation volume of those cargoes increased more than 15 times.

“The railway freight transportation market changed in 2021, and the picture we observed at the beginning of last year was significantly different from what was happening on the market at end of the year”, said Volodymyr Mezentsev, CEO of Lemtrans. “At the beginning of the year, the market experienced a situational surplus of cars, changes in the dynamics, and changes in the directions, which caused natural consequences, namely a decrease in the workload. However, the operational decisions taken by our team made it possible for the company to preserve its repair and investment programmes.”

The total amount of capital investments in 2021 amounted to UAH 332 million. In 2021, the company placed a priority on large investment projects. Our investment priority is the implementation of projects that will create conditions for sustainable development in the long term. One of the key areas of the company’s activity in 2021 was the development of container transportation and the construction of a container terminal. The investment within these projects amounted to over UAH 200 million. Also, an amount of over UAH 54 million was spent on the development and upgrade of car repair depots.
“One of the key events of 2021 was the entry of Lemtrans into new markets due to the acquisition of Levada Cargo. Our group offered its customers comprehensive solutions and created promising areas for growth in 2022–2025”, says Volodymyr Mezentsev, CEO of Lemtrans. “Market trends indicate the need to expand transit opportunities, and Levada Cargo as part of our company will help us strengthen in this area. We plan to operate and develop container terminals with its help.”


The company traditionally demonstrated positive dynamics in its car repair sector. Thus, the volume of planned and current repairs of freight cars at Lemtrans car repair facilities was 12,298 units for 12 months of 2021.


Lemtrans transferred UAH 838 million to budgets of all levels during 12 months of 2021. UAH 719 million was transferred to the state budget alone, including UAH 672 million of VAT. An amount of UAH 119 million was transferred to local budgets. The unified social tax amounted to UAH 116 million.

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