Lemtrans Gives Railway Employees’ Children Backpacks and School Supplies


Lemtrans traditionally gave school backpacks to young first-graders. They have all the equipment necessary for school. The assistance was provided by the company to the employees’ children who are entering first grade this year. This wonderful tradition first emerged in the company in 2012 and turned into a permanent event.

Before the beginning of the school year, the company purchased Kite backpacks. They fully meet all the requirements for first-grader backpacks: They have a rigid orthopaedic back and ergonomic straps for proper load distribution, as well as reliable accessories. In addition, Lemtrans provided schoolchildren with a bag for sports shoes, a water bottle and all the necessary school supplies: Pens, pencils, paints, pencil cases, etc.

“Giving backpacks to our first-graders is a long-standing tradition of Lemtrans company,” according to the company’s CEO, Volodymyr Mezentsev. “Even despite the war, we must do everything to ensure that children have a happy childhood with holidays and gifts. Therefore, I congratulate the young schoolchildren and wish them good health, and patience to their parents.”

“I want to thank the company for these wonderful backpacks and their contents. In this difficult time for everyone, it is a significant contribution for every family. I hope that this tradition will be kept going,” a first-grader’s mother, Tetiana Hryhorenko, an employee at Lemtrans company, says.

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