Lemtrans Increased Assignments to the Budgets by 17.5 % in 2019


Lemtrans is a large and responsible taxpayer. Lemtrans transferred UAH 730.1 million to the budgets of all levels over 12 months of 2019. More than UAH 672.8 million were transferred to the state budget, including UAH 522.5 million of VAT. UAH 57.3 million were paid to the local budgets. Single social security tax made UAH 46.7 million. Compared to 2018, the Company increased tax deductions to the state and local budgets by 17.5 %. 'Lemtrans demonstrates the transparency of its activity and traditionally is one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine's rail transportation industry,' said Volodymyr Mezentsev, the Company CEO. 'Our tax deductions are not just numbers and lines in Lemtrans financial statements, they show the scale of the Company's contribution to the Ukrainian economy.'

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