Lemtrans Supports Employees and Partners during the Pandemic


Lemtrans informs on the measures it takes to counter the COVID-19 spread. All Lemtrans operations and business processes run in the ordinary course of business. Operations Control Centre, which monitors the situation and takes required decisions 24/7, was established to protect the company employees, to fulfil its obligations, to ensure business continuity under the threat of the coronavirus infection spread.
Safety and health of our people is always the most important thing; therefore, we have introduced a number of additional measures to ensure the safe work of employees by ensuring the required preventive measures:
•    Office staff and a part of the administrative staff of the Company's production sites were promptly shifted to remote work;
•    Temperature control has been introduced, hand sanitizers have been installed, and masks and gloves have been provided in all divisions of the Company;
•    Sanitary treatment measures in all premises were improved;
•    Shift schedules were changed to reduce the simultaneous concentration of people at production sites;
•    It is recommended that Lemtrans partners refrain from visiting the office and sites of the Company and explore video/audio conferencing;
•    Transfer is arranged for employees of Kyiv and Dnipro offices who need to be present at the workplace.
•    Information on measures taken by the Company and the response procedures are promptly published on the Company's corporate web portal.
•    Information materials on the required preventive measures are distributed among employees of the Company.
•    In the regions of its presence, Lemtrans, together with local authorities, implements measures aimed at combating the spread of coronavirus infection.
We also know that our role in supporting partners today can be more important than ever. Every day, 24/7, we work to ensure the reliability and stability of transport and economic relations, and we do everything possible to minimize the adverse effects on the supply chain.

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